英语日记120字带翻译Do a good job做好事

英语日记120字带翻译Do a good job做好事小外婆作文

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  Do a good job 做好事

  Today, I did a good thing, let me tell you to listen to it!


  Because I was only 91 minutes in the middle of the exam, my mother let me walk home this week, no way, who told her that she is the mother of adults, had to walk home.


  This afternoon after school, also did not go home, my legs had sour, I sat on the stone benches to rest, all of a sudden, a uncle pulled tricycle to go uphill, but the car installed a lot of things, can't pull it up. My feet refuses to write, take me to Uncle car behind, hand also laicourenao, so with the hands and feet, the uncle of the cart up to the top. Although uncle didn't say "thank you", my heart was flattered.


  I lifted my hand and looked down at their feet, it seems to me smiling!


  The season of tears 流泪的花季

  Today, was watching safety tips to the tears flower season "in my class. I have read," tears of youth ", I moved to cry. I asked the teacher:" Why are you crying? What do you think? I stood up and said, "teacher, I want to cry."! The teacher said, "please take a seat."! I sat down quietly, listening to my classmates' speeches.


  All the students said: "the girl is too poor, because do not have a leg, she would not like us to bounce! What a poor girl!


  excuse 借口

  In my life on the road, after many things, there is something that I can not forget.


  My brother with you that day morning, mom and dad go to work, I and brother at home homework, write write, brother suddenly to me said: "TIMI, yesterday my mother to buy altered with lend me some good?" I thought: "this but my mother bought for me, how could lend him. Then I had a brainwave and a good way, I reluctantly to say:" mom yesterday to buy the correction tape, put in the mother there, forgot to take back. "Brother listened, dejected and lower his head and started to write the work. In fact, correction tape is not in the mother there, and in my own place, I just don't want to borrow.


  Things happen, I feel very sorry, I think I should not do not alter with lend brother, just use only, and will not be broken. So, I always remind myself that the heart is relaxed. In the following days, someone asked me to borrow something, I usually can be loaned to others. Don't look for excuses perfunctory others the.


  Happy autumn 开心秋游

  Today, I want to go for an autumn outing, Dad give me prepare many delicious. 8 points the mother sent me to school, the teacher with when we got to the car. The embroidered Hill Park, everyone happy on the ground floor of the car, we enter the gate see beautiful flowers. The teacher took us to a small river, we see many beautiful fish, I would buy the a bag of fish food for the fish to eat, suddenly a big fish swim over the fish away, I don't want to feed the fish food to the students, I bought three fish.


  A place is the Museum of science and technology, we are very happy, the teacher said: "science and Technology Museum to. We went to the Museum of science and technology, see the robot playing the piano and so on. Then the teacher took us to see the movie, we see a cat and mouse. Finally we went home happily. I had fun today!


  Timely rain 及时雨

  Today, Chinese and foreign quiet school time, we are not easy to read a book for a while. All of a sudden, the broadcast was a very unpleasant notice to us: "please come to class four, all the students in the big playground."


  Needless to say, it must be to go to the big playground to practice jumping gymnastics.


  We walked into the hallway in the blues, good team, one of the downstairs become dejected and despondent.


  The students stopped in the lobby, tidied the team will continue to move forward.


  To the playground, we lined up. Stand most of the day, the teacher said: "today we have to practise guangbocao several difficult steps."


  Half of the time, suddenly a drop of water to my mouth, I think whether it is sweat. Later water more and more, I found that it's raining.


  Although the rain is not very big, but hit the face are not comfortable, do we just on the playground in the rain?


  At this time, standing on the podium the teacher said: "the students, because of the rain, today's practice has been cancelled, all lined up, go back to the classroom."


  The students listened, everyone cheered: "long live!"


  The timely rain really helped us, so that we can return to the classroom, to read the extracurricular book.


  A man of his word 一个守信用的人

  One night last winter, I was playing games in the park next to my grandmother's house. At this time, suddenly face from my side, I have tired of the old tricks. So, I ignore him, he seems to be very depressed, but not long before, he ran to me, said: "this is my open mountain, this road is I planted, to think about the road, leaving the road to buy goods." I deliberately pretended not to hear, but his mind like mirror like revealed, just give some money? Oh, my little pocket money, I was "poor scholar" ah, only 5 cents in my pocket. He seemed to see my thoughts, and said to me, "brother, can I come to your house tomorrow?" "Good." I think: the family is far away from my home, even bus to sit 10 station to my home. So, I immediately changed to the brother said: "your house is too far away from my home, you still don't come to my house." My brother was spoiled said: "I want you to go." I can't resist brother sichanlanda, had promised.


  Back home, I turn on the TV, the weather forecast said that there will be rain tomorrow, local snow. I saw the word "Snow", a jump of three feet high, so excitedly waiting for the arrival of the snow. The next morning, I excited to open the window, found there is no snow, only under the pouring rain, I looked at the pouring rain outside, silently worry. "The sound of the bell ring, ring," the telephone bell rang, I lifted my telephone tube, the original is the cousin, cousin to me said he that it is snowing, and uncle said to take him to his sister's home to play, but I feel to your home, by taking a piece of ice to, because I want to 'word is. Death horse is difficult to." I quickly corrected: "recalling, don't lie, my cousin's home a lot of toys, and you can also snowball fights, snowmen...... I don't fall for it. I'm going to play. I take my keys, shut the door, and play!


  My cousin came to my house and shouted, "Moses Chan, I'm at your house." Can shout for a long time, but also do not see a movement. So, brother everywhere to find me in the rain, not easy to find me, but he has been soaked through. I am very distressed, said to him: "why don't you go to snowball or going to my sister's house." "I want to The word once spoken, sima...... A team of what?" "Can never be withdrawn." I was ashamed of my head.


  The younger brother smiled and said, "brother, it's okay." "Let's go and play." "Good."


  Childhood anecdotes 童年趣事

  Childhood such as space in numerous stars. Some are happy, some sad, some are ashamed. Today, I want to say is a funny thing.


  Remember that one morning when I was five years old, I followed my mother to go to the market to buy food. On the way home, I saw someone selling balloons, red, yellow, green, purple...... See the children of the same age were grinning, holding a balloon bounce came. I was very envious, blubber, cried to my mother to buy me a balloon. My mother could not resist my Ruanmoyingpao, finally bought a balloon.


  After lunch, my father went to bed, my mother went out, and I can not wait to come up with a balloon to play. I'll bring the balloons thrown to the sky, I saw the balloon in the air swirls; while the balloon at the top of his head, ran back and forth in the room, ran accidentally tripped, the balloon landed on the a water tank, I spent a Herculean effort to remove the balloon. I looked at the wet balloon extremely sad heart, how to do? I get a brainwave, think of a few days ago, mother put my wet clothes in the hearth baked, not and in a short while wet clothes dry. So I have a plan: since my mother can bake wet clothes, why can't I bake balloons? yes! A balloon with a torch. I immediately find to the stove, happily students from the stove, but the stove did not live up but blackened face, really is no corrosion to the chicken rice. I'm not discouraged, continue to fire, finally put the fire. I put a balloon on the stove hearth baked, but just close to the balloon, suddenly, "bang", the balloon exploded. I was shocked, could not help but jumped up. Beautiful blue balloon instant into pieces. Dad heard the voice heard came, saw my little black and the pieces all understand. He laughed and laughed: unable to restrain the emotions, "my little family ah, the balloon is not baked......"


  Until now, every time I think of it, I couldn't help laughing......


  catch dragonflies 捉蜻蜓

  One sunny morning, my grandfather and I went to the field to catch a dragonfly. A color different dragonfly on the lawn in pairs of flying dance, mandrax, mandrax, unsteadiness, my eyes are looking at flowers.


  Dragonfly is really clever, I just quietly took a small step on the smart dragonfly was found, the dragonfly wings to fly. I managed to catch three different colors of the Dragonfly will not catch, because I think of the dragonfly is a good helper to protect crops, I will not catch it later. We will follow the clear river reluctant to part.


  My Out-of-class Activities 我的课余生活

  My school life is rich and colorful, roller skating, reading, paper-cut...... But, I like to read a book.


  My book can be more. Father specially give me do a big bookcase, bristle inside, even on my desk, bed, bedside table, everywhere is full of books. Every night before going to sleep, I always hold my favorite book sitting in my little bed look, dad always go to my room to ask me to hurry up, don't read to turn off the lights sleep. I always say: "wait a wait, let me read this article." Morning, I woke up to pick up the book by back bed reading, mother saw would say: "why? And so early in the book? Be careful with your eyes." Every time I go to the children's house or go out to play, I always put one or two books in my bag.


  I remember once, I was reading a book, the lunch. I do not want to put down the book, my mother told me to eat, called several times a row, I was reluctant to put the book to put a good meal, for fear that can not find the place to see.


  I think there are a lot of good reading books, the book has brought us a lot of knowledge and happiness. So, I like reading books very much.


  An adventure with a spider 和蜘蛛的一次冒险

  This evening, I was watching TV, when I read with relish saw a spider on my head, I frighten jumped off the sofa in a moment, my favorite cartoon. I picked up the pillow and a beat and saw all of a sudden spiders spit silk, I picked up big pillow, transverse scan Qianjun, me with a couple of Kung Fu, the spider swept out of sight.


  Originally in my big pillow, I was scared to put down the big pillow, rushed to the computer room, I saw a fan, picked up the fan to the spider fan to the ground, I feel very itchy feet, the grasp of the foot, ah! No, no, no, on my feet, I put it in a paper towel and wrapped it up. It's really disgusting. I almost spit it out.


  My kitchen 我家的厨房

  The day before yesterday evening, when I was watching TV, my mother asked me, "where is your thought training?" I said, "the book is on my shelf."


  I had just finished my words, my mother went to the book, when my mother was looking for the book, the pot of oil on the fire up, and I quickly called up: "not good, not good, the kitchen is on fire." My mother heard, hurriedly ran to the kitchen, she immediately turn off the gas, and then put out the fire. The kitchen is full of smoke, gas stove, ceiling, doors, cabinets and lampblack machine was blackened. The father said to his mother: "fortunately, the fire burned little, otherwise, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate."


  When my dad went to throw away the pots, they began to clean the kitchen. Cleaned the kitchen for a long time.


  Campus corner 校园一角

  Our campus is very beautiful. Especially in the garden, where there is a stone paved road, there can be a leisure mushroom Pavilion, as well as a beautiful fountain pool; garden everywhere planting a variety of flowers and trees, a year round scenery charming!


  Spring, a few patches of drizzle, the grass secretly drilled the ground, tender, green, looks very comfortable. A variety of colorful flowers flourish, exudes intoxicating fragrance. Golden jasmine is the messenger of spring, smiling people come to spring! Peach powder Yangyang laugh reddening; jade orchid show their delicate petals; noble roses stand proudly in the branches...... Willow girl combing the long green braid, the wind swing.


  Summer, pine, willow isometric was green and lush, wisteria around the semicircular kiosk, pale purple flowers in the green leaves of the background can be good-looking! There is a fountain in the middle of the garden, the jet of water like a parachute can be fun, flow to the pool "squelch" sound; frog in the pool croaked and called a non-stop, dragonflies in skimmed over the water, the twitter of birds sing in the branches campus how lively!


  Fall, banana trees, longzhaoshu, camellia tree leaves turn yellow, from the branches of the tree falling one after another, like autumn girl sent telegram.


  In winter, sometimes snow falling from the sky, all kinds of flowers and trees, wearing white clothes, the students wear thick cotton padded jacket, building garden heartily play, can be happy! If the case of heavy snow can be more wonderful, students can enjoy the snowball fights, falls!


  Our school's building in the garden, a year round scenery colorful, is the best place to go!


  To Catch a Thief 捉贼记

  These days my house this building is often thieves, so I go to sleep at night is always on tenterhooks, toss about in bed. Friday night is the same, is fear of me is "thief" shouted the acoustic startle, we have to take a "weapon", such as broom, mop, together to be a thief. Although we all work very hard, but the thief is too cunning, and finally ended in failure.


  After several failures, we are very angry, decided to use the thief a crawling tiegun. So, every household has prepared a long bar.


  On Saturday night, our family the light on in the room, the door to prevent thieves from that side and fully armed with iron bars like eager warriors as ready to play. "The thief!" Scream broke the silence of the night, we like a veteran soldier generally with a submachine gun ran out on. A group of thieves saw this scene, suddenly stay, have a mess, they are scattered and fled. We are very disappointed, but there is a person holding a mop, while loudly shouting: "catch him!" While desperately running. Everyone thought he is the thief a member of, is not seriously, later know of which he was a thief, look, this is really a thief to catch a thief.


  I went downstairs to buy breakfast this morning, found a mop on the road, also look very familiar. Yes, this is not the mother mop morning to find it, how can here?" See, this is the original thief yesterday with my mop!


  If the thief to the wisdom to work, that may is now a rich man and will not be reduced to the point.


  My article was published again 我的文章又发表啦

  Morning, I hung my head in the office, the teacher asked me to write a Ni, but I haven't finished the interview.


  At this time, Zheng teacher came in.


  I looked down, waiting for Zheng teacher talk. "Oh, yes, it was a lot of praise." To criticize is in my surprise, but praise I wonder, Zheng teacher to the student "and a" happy diary and two new five yuan money plug to my hands, "writing in the" student "and" happy diary published, which the author's remuneration. "


  I am extremely happy, "liberation", my office back in the classroom, the first thing is to look at my composition, stretched out beside the a lot of head, is pregnant with the curiosity of the students, when they signed CHEN Ye, "Wah Wah" cried, with envious eyes play with me. I am very proud of, put two books and money into the bag, waiting to go home by parents praise.


  Sure enough, my mother gave me a thumbs up, "you are so great!" Father said: "Kyouki Kyouki."


  Night, I am satisfied lying in bed, flattered aftertaste received praise. At this time, the in the mind has a small voice calling: "Chen Yeke, don't get dizzy with success, redouble our efforts!"


  Chewing gum 口香糖

  Today I go to cram school to learn writing, the teacher sent us each a pack of "green arrow" chewing gum, let us with chewing gum as the subject, write a composition.


  I opened the green paper, there is also a shiny silver foil, do very fine, smell is a surge of thick mint flavor assail the nostrils, but also emit faint fragrance, touch a bit hard. The first bite hard gum, sweet, but the more chewing the more soft, taste light, a bit sticky.


  Some students eat queer-looking, also issued a "loud" mastication voice. Some students chew carefully, like a gourmet. There are students while tasting side said to himself: "it is really delicious, really delicious!"


  This is a very easy and interesting lesson!


  The summer training 暑假训练

  Today the weather is very hot, scorching sun. I was lazy to rely on the sofa watching TV, suddenly, my father's cell phone received a text message, a closer look, the teacher told me to attend the training. No way, I had to go to the training.


  Came to the school, I slowly walked to the playground, he saw several people playing in the playground. I guess: they also come to the training of it.


  Soon, a teacher came, he is the coach". The first task is to run around the playground three laps, I ran forward. "Pa!" I was knocked down, stand up to it, and a man, she hit me, "we lose".


  The teacher put me up, my "golden peas" can not help but fall off. I thought to myself: it seems that I really need to exercise more!


  Wrist wrestling 扳手腕比赛

  The "golden Peijian gas!" Zhu Jiacheng cheer!...... Today, our composition specialty Bany came a burst of cheering. What's the matter? Originally, today we held an open up a fresh outlook wrist game. Saw the summer host picked up a microphone (in fact is a Book of humorous self introduction about. The students immediately burst into laughter. Summer teacher, no, it should be the host of the summer, he said: "I heard that you have a wrist competition here today, I will come to host." Xia host divided us into two groups, one, the two two group is A group, three, four two group is B group. The students carefully selected, two players on the stage. A is a group of Zhu Jiacheng students. He looks very strong, thick muscle to high cage, but today is different, in Taiwan, a swing arm, seems very feel shy. B group of players, Jin Peijian in the classmate door reminder for a long time, with a classmate three wins. He lost, go one step by step came to Taiwan. Look at his side. But the psychological grin cheekily, an unsettled state of mind..


  In the host and the students, the two players were different, their confidence! The host gave the order to "start". I saw Zhu Jiacheng teeth, lips side white. Jin Peijian is also not resigned to playing second fiddle with all his strength, and want to use the lightning speed to bring Zhu Jiacheng down. But Zhu Jiacheng's strength, the strength is big, Jin Peijian give back. Jin Peijian was very angry, his eyes bloodshot eyes, bigger than table tennis. On the face of Zhu Jiacheng meat bucket up, sweat streaming down like rain. Jin Peijian once again sent Zhu Jiacheng to attack, but are Zhu Jiacheng turned back. When we stand on the side of Cheerleading to cheer them up!


  Finally, Zhu Jiacheng won, the host gave him a book as a reward. Jin Peijian also gave a book, because it focuses on participation!


  The reason for being late 迟到的原因

  "Get up, get up."!" Mother shouted.


  I am not happy to say: "three minutes, three minutes to sleep." Mom walked out of my room.


  Did not expect, three seconds have not passed, my mother came again, get up, wear clothes." "You know, I'll wear it myself!" My mother sent away, I stumbled on his clothes, and then go on my dream.


  Get up, 8!" Mother cried.


  I was shocked to get up, look at the watch! 7:50, I quickly brush teeth, wash, eat breakfast, and then went to school at top speed.


  Pushed open the door of the classroom, late!



  "Parrot" I know, it is a bird people speak, but "parrot" I've never heard of, the father bought a parrot fish, not only let me experience its shape, also know its living habits.


  The parrot fish fat, mouth turned upward, a domineering king, and it is a long time, big appetite, a day can eat a lot of food. It swam happily every day in the water, as if in a wonderland.


  Parrotfish eat a brown, small fish food, life in a freshwater lake, but also to a certain temperature, if placed in their own cold tap water. After a few days, it will die due to breathing difficulties.


  One day, I saw the parrot fish in the pool did not move, and quickly attracted nurses -- dad, parrot fish for emergency rescue. Saw dad put the parrot fish placed in hot water, it slowly wiggle a few live to come over, romp, swim, a bit like just the lifeless. Although I am nervous of a return, but also the real experience of its living habits.


  I think I will be more careful to keep it, let it become a beautiful and long-lived fish!


  Memorable English word contest 难忘的英语单词竞赛

  Last Thursday English class, the teacher told us that this week to hold the whole grade English word contest, I hope every one of us carefully prepared, test a good result.


  Heard the news, I am happy to jump three feet high, because as a representative of the English class, I have the ability to test the confidence of good. A few days later that, I have not seriously review, but also leisurely Le zai. Flash a week past, finally ushered in my long-awaited "the English word" contest, looking at the questions feel very simple, I quickly wrote, feel very good, full of thought is 100 points. Can wait for the examination paper, I was shocked - - only 94 points, and one hundred points in the class has 15 students. Look at your score, I was dumbfounded, why not one hundred? I really want to cry. The paper on a few "*" also seems to laugh at me: "usually do not work, and now also want to one hundred points, the United States, you!" Looking at, thinking, tears streaming down......


  I dry my tears, in the heart of the determination: the next English contest must take an examination of a full mark, so that "X" number will never leave my paper. This failure, let me know: do not pay hard, can not get good results!


  Eat sugar cane 吃甘蔗

  Today, my father came back from a business trip, bringing a bundle of famous sugar cane. I am very happy, because listening to my father said that this is the specialty of Tao shan. I quickly picked up a thick and long cane, which is a section of sugarcane, like a gold stick. I picked up the knife and cut the root of the "golden cudgel". After the cut, one of the father, one to the mother, sister stood next to the DC saliva. I think they eat with relish, I have a bite! Really delicious! Taste sweet, it tastes sweet and crisp, I bite hard...... This is the first time in our family to eat sugar cane.


  Happy Mid Autumn Festival 快乐的中秋节

  Today is August fifteen - Mid Autumn Festival, the traditional festival Chinese. I asked my mother: "why do you want to eat moon cakes?" Mother said: "the moon cake is round the meaning of reunion."." In the evening, my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, a family reunion dinner in Hangzhou Hotel. After the meal, then we drove to South Lake to celebrate. Tonight the moon is really round the moon, here is our one family, in a happy laugh, I thought: if I like this one every day, so many people together, the good ah!


  My name 我的名字

  My name is Zheng Yihan, my father and mother to give me the name of the meaning is that I want to get rid of my temper, what temper? May wish to tell you! Because of my childhood temper very stubborn, so I want to completely get rid of, excuse me, then give me the name.


  Name, nickname but let me very upset, because my nickname, peas and sisters often called me soybean, adzuki bean, mung bean...... Be tired of!


  Anyway, I hope my name can bring me good luck, happiness and joy.


  Buy a handbag 买皮包

  Today, my mother and I went to the street to buy things Wu tian. I walked to see a shop sells handbags, we walked in, I saw the a small bag. The color of the small bag is pink, lively and lovely kitten, head wearing bow. Holding a balloon of love in the hand, it has a colorful rainbow. At the foot of the yellow, blue two colors of flowers, next to a bird, with a red balloon on the mouth, as if to say: "the balloon for you!" I want to buy this small purse, mother said: "okay!" I'm so happy!


  My folder 我的文件夹

  I have a nice folder, there are five cute little cat, four little and dainty kitten. The big one seems to be watching something. A cat seems to have opened a shop, is a fruit shop, there are three like three sisters stood in the same. When I was tired, it seemed to me: "come on."! Don't be beaten by the tired, I have the spirit." So I'm much better now!


  My favorite grandma 我最爱的奶奶

  My grandmother is a close to 60 years old, she came to school every day to pick me up. No matter how close the school, grandmother is not assured, because the traffic environment is particularly complex, so my grandmother worried that I fell, every day after school to pick me, every day, and never stopped. Look, my grandmother also waiting for me at the gate. Grandma summer sweating, winter grandma mouth trembling, is the crowd looking for me. I really want to say to Grandma: "grandma you hard! I want to read a good, repay your pains."


  Sweat bring laughter 汗水带来的欢笑

  After a long summer vacation, and a semester is coming. We learn around all day round, no clean, gradually, the ground has dirty horrendous. Suddenly, another Friday quietly walked into the world. Everyone to celebrate the can when Saturday and Sunday rest, and a thing that catches our mind - cleaning!


  At noon quiet school bell rang, cleaning tools the students immediately took out already prepared, there are buckets, rags, and brush etc.. A "start after you immediately On your marks," hard to dry up. The students work the way it is ", each in different poses and with different expressions". Do not believe you can see, wash the tile Students wipe, next wipe, wipe left, wipe the right, without the knowledge of the thought in "aerobics"; and with that brush classmates, one foot a brush, roller skating as a same glide to slip past. Listen to what they have to say. Only in this way can increase the intensity of the floor brush, you can also take the opportunity to "entertainment"; mopping sweeping classmates obviously more interesting, they work side, his mouth still singing ditty: "scrubbing brush, scrubbing brush, scrubbing brush Oh Oh......" To lighten their burden. The students are doing be in full swing on the cheek, sweat kept dropping. Students walk "tick tock" sound, set the table "toot" sound, pour "clang clang" sound, and colorful constant laughter, the composition of the a beautiful symphony, the once quiet classroom suddenly becomes lively. This symphony, every corner of the classroom corridors are filled with sweat and laughter of students.


  "Ding Zero Zero Zero Zero zero......" Static correction of class, the cleaning is finished. Looked at in a neat, clean the classroom, everyone knowing smile up, as if just tired have been thrown to the winds go.


  Physical education class 体育课

  Today is the physical education, is the standing long jump test. I sports has been bad, so I went to the playground, my heart crazy jump more than. I also think of the reason why I didn't have to "grow up" for the first time. The more I thought about it, the more gas, suddenly my legs from time to time shaking a bit, I thought: this semester if we didn't have to "rising stars" then the consequences would be unthinkable. Fortunately, our "women who go first, my heart to calm down. Although the "Rites" looked very weak, but their extraordinary skill, one of the outstanding achievement of the "Rites" one after another.


  Time flies, a "woman" who is performing a stop time. Now we are all the little boys and girls. Suddenly, I began to always on tenterhooks. At this time, I think of the previous failure. Failure is the mother of success, I think of this truth, I have the confidence. Sooner or later, the time will let me play. So I took the courage to take off my jacket, quietly waiting for... Finally turn to me, and I stood on the line, although I have no color, but my heart is very nervous. I decided to end the tense moment. So I wave my arms and I jump. miracle! I from 130 cm of the results of all of a sudden progress to 148 cm.


  This rapid success is my most proud record the rest of life in my heart.


  Beijing play 北京游玩记

  Beijing, is the capital of our country, where the beautiful scenery, especially the Tiananmen, the Great Wall, Wangfujing......


  In Tiananmen square, I saw Chairman Mao's portrait hanging on the door, and what we want to say something like. The five door side sat two majestic lion, spectacular. We took the car, came to the Great Wall, I stood in the corner of the Great Wall, looked up, ah! Haohanpo so high, almost to the clouds above! I struggled to climb, "I want to play with my father, no matter how high I have to climb to." I climb sweating, panting. To "haohanpo". Please don't mention how happy, because, Chairman Mao once said: less than the Great Wall of non hero.


  In the evening, I came to the Wangfujing, where is the ocean of light, light of the world, really beautiful, I also eat an ice cream in Italy it!


  snail 蜗牛

  Said it was a cow, not to pull the car to go. Say that it is small, can run." "Guess! Snail." The students said by common consent. "Today in this class let us observe the snail." The teacher said. We caught a snail, careful observation, touch the tentacles, retracted, I come up with a magnifying glass, want to see its eyes, two pieces of black beads in its horns, the snail shell left-hand.


  Then we organized the "snail game", our team and another team, I put the bread in front of a snail, snails to climb, ready to eat bread.


  Originally, this science lesson can let us know so much!


  Cut the orange 剪橘子

  Autumn is a harvest season.


  On Sunday, my brother and I went to the orange garden to cut the orange. Along the way, many unknown flowers still flourish in autumn, fragrant and pleasant.


  Orange garden, we are one after another under the car. Orange garden orange a lot of oh! From afar, the garden is a small orange dots. Look at the past, orange dolls some hiding to leaves, like a shy girl; some Orange Doll even collide with each other, playing the "bumper car".


  Started to cut the orange. I was full of thought that the orange is picked by hand, hand to pick. Met with the mother, said: "the orange is cut with orange. With the hand picked oranges can be preserved soon, have to quickly eat." My mother stopped and picked up a large black shears continued, "cut the orange also knowledge......" "Ah? Do you have the knowledge of cutting oranges?" I asked in surprise. My mother smiled and said: "be careful not to cut the orange, orange peel to stamp. The scissors cut near the orange, also not too near, otherwise easily bruised orange peel. Generally want to cut two. Cut it down first, and the second is to fix the orange handle. Orange handle to stay too long, will also make the other orange prick skin and then rot." Oh, So that is what it is.


  I listened, then picked up a big pair of scissors and cut it up. The big orange, I look at the past, one by one on the top of the tree, then cut and cut the small orange bar. I put scissors near orange, orange handle than to, my hand is not obedient, always shake to shake not cut down. Finally, I had the courage. Just listen to "Kacha" sound, the oranges were cut down. I look, hey, not long not short just good! Suddenly, I am confident, cut down several times.


  We kept on and on, and it was a morning before we went back. We ate the oranges, laughing, face happy smile flashed from time to time......


  My brother's birthday 弟弟过生日

  This morning, I went to the school to study, this class is a math class, I take the math book out. R-r-ring class. Come to the teacher told us to observe the object, then I remembered today is my brother's birthday, home will certainly have a lot of good, think I didn't mind in the class, the in the mind in a few of the time when the class is over, over a long time finally hear the bell ring... I picked up the bag and ran back, I saw a big birthday cake at home, I didn't see it while the mother secretly tasted the cake, sour and sweet, delicious.


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